ePadasalai is the most advanced educational management software hosted in a cloud environment and comes with 95+ modules to digitalize the educational institute completely. ePadasalai simplifies the complex management process and increases the efficiency of the staff.

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ePadasalai, educational ERP takes care of all the activities from admissions to campus recruitment and alumni.ePadasalai does everything your school, college or university require. x

ePadasalai offers sophisticated infrastructure for schools/ colleges. ePadasalai converts all classrooms into digi-classes with Projectors, Computer/ Laptops, Printers, scanners, internet, Wi-Fi, GPS tracking Kit for kids and Vehicles, barcode readers, RFID for tracking assets,

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biometric system and security Cameras. The multimedia content enables the teachers to explain the complex concepts better, due to which students can retain information for a longer period of time. So by associating new material with something familiar, students can grasp things at the best and Classroom becomes their favorite place.

Skill Set

ePadasalai comes with advanced skill set tools to improve the talents and skills of students and teachers such as e-tuition, e-Library, Publisher Books, Academic books and also concentrates on enhancing the soft skills such as Career Development, Personality Development, Speed Reading

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Communication Skills, Public Speech and many more… ePadasalai determines to provide modules which helps students and teachers not only on academics but also in all aspects of personality and career development.

Educational institution Consulting

ePadasalai assists you in achieving all that you can in today's competitive academic and business environment. ePadasalai offers Consultation to educational institutes to make them travel in the path of growth. Consultation is provided by the renowned personalities from the educational field.

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The team analysis all walks of institution rite from the standards of students & staff, infrastructure, institution policy to current education system followed in the institute. New road maps and solutions will be provided to achieve the success goal of the Organization. x

ePadasalai is a Multipurpose Education Management Software


ePadasalai has established itself as the widely accepted School ERP software in India now. This user-friendly software solves the most complex task in School administration and Management. Many reputed schools in India are happy that they are started using School ERP Suite to meet their entire administrative and academic requirement.


ePadasalai has emerged as a leader in the ERP market for Campus management solutions by providing superior quality software solutions backed by the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Two completely separate products are offered to Schools and Colleges to ensure that the product is tuned to the specific needs of Schools and Colleges.


ePadasalai integrates all of an organization’s departments, divisions, lines of business and geographical locations into a single, shared, unified and enterprise-wide information system. The University is an “enterprise” and an ERP solution integrates all functions —student information, human resources, and financial systems —into one administrative system.

Training center

ePadasalai is exclusive software for training center offering various modules to control all the functionalities of training center. It’s the first time that ERP software designed for matching the needs of Training center. The comprehensive ePadasalai product is broad, in some places complex, and its integrated nature can fundamentally change the way you look at your business.

Online School

ePadasalai not only meets the demands of School, College, University and training Center but also the Virtual School. ePadasalai has e-tuition, e-Library, Publisher Books, Academic books, Online Exam modules exclusively designed for Online School. This will be the first time that an educational ERP designed to match the demands of an online School.

User Friendly Interface

ePadasalai is exclusively designed application keeping all the users in mind as anyone can use the application with basic working knowledge of Computers. You will be able to master the running and the functions of this program very easily. The User Interface for every user is different and relevant to his or her role. For instance, a teacher gets the UI which has modules related to Lesson Planning, Timetable, Exam Planning and Evaluation and Student Communication. So each user can view their respective modules based on their role. This helps you to avoid unwanted confusions. ePadasalai concentrates on simplicity, clarity and ease of use. ePadasalai provides a simple, clear and easy to use dashboard which is loved by all of our esteemed clients.

Hosted on Cloud Server

ePadasalai is a web application software. ePadasalai runs in the cloud which means you just log in, customize and start using it. In Cloud computing all you will need is a Computer and Internet, rest everything is managed by us. The application has been designed and analysed considering the finest requirements of our school/ college clients and most importantly amalgamated with cloud environment with unlimited space, bandwidth and zero redundancy at levels. This feature enables the end user of educational institution is free to use the service from anywhere. Clouds often appear as single points of access for all educational institutes’ computing needs. So there is no need of for any extra hardware or technical maintenance staff to enjoy the benefits of ePadasalai

Secure and Reliable

ePadasalai is highly safe and secure to store data. One of key aspects about ePadasalai and most appealing is its reliability. Any unauthorized access is restricted not only by firewalls but also by the physical security of the facility. We follow all the latest security protocols and keep updating them to ensure the safety of our client’s data. It has complete user, role and module management functionality which enables administrators to define users in the system, create and assign roles to these authenticated users and provide access rights on several modules and sub-modules. This restricts users, based on their role, from accessing any modules/data that they are not authorized to use. ePadasalai is developed using a scalable, secure and reliable architecture.

Wide Range of Feature

ePadasalai has more features than any other educational ERP. ePadasalai features will be enhanced and upgraded frequently depends upon the client’s needs. The features of ePadasalai are carefully designed to match all the needs of Management, Staff, Teachers and Students. ePadasalai comes with unique feature inbuilt intelligence to automate the entire institution. ePadasalai bridges communication gap between the different entities involved in the process of educating a child. Our ERP increases the overall performance of the students and the efficiency of the students. ePadasalai’s skills and features contribute to the success of every individual in the institute. ePadasalai helps the organization to grow year over year.

Amazing Support

You get more than great Application software. You get an amazing companion to help you along the way. As time passes, a mutually beneficial relationship is established. From day one your educational institute is given extremely high level of personal attention. We give you a primary contact to reach out to at will. ePadasalai support team will be ever ready to help you if you are facing any queries. We care about your college/ school's success. You trust our company will support all your administrative needs, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Customer support is a crucial part of a successful relationship, and we emphasize it accordingly. ePadasalai support team will be available 24/7 to help you and guide you.

Mobile Version

Connect to the virtual campus anytime, anywhere. ePadasalai can be accessed on Tablets and all types of Smart Phone. It supports all iPhones and android phones. ePadasalai requires no software installation to run it . Exclusively ePadasalai has been developed to work really well with any type smart phones. This means you can make use of this software application without facing any kind of restriction based on location. In addition it is compatible with all the browsers and smart phones. ePadasalai has smart phone compatibility, the main reason behind this is we want you to use the ePadasalai wherever you require and wherever you demand it. It comes so handy that you can operate from any location. Exclusive ePadasalai app also available which can be installed easily on iPhone and any android phones.

Client Testimonial
ePadasalai is an integrated Educational Management Solution. It contains more than 95+ modules to cover each and every function of the institute. The software simplifies the administrative, academic and financial management of the institute. I’m completely attracted by the skill set tools that is specially developed to enhance the skill set of everyone in the institute. I appreciate the entire ePadasalai team for their tremendous work.
- Dr.Kathir Viswalingam
Dean - Research,Bharath University
It is with great pleasure I'm writing this endorsement letter for ePadasalai. The software provides quicker and more convenient way for the educational institute to connect with parents. Obviously the parents would love this as they can easily access the grades, attendance and any reports from home. More over ePadasalai team offer sophisticated infrastructure to create a teaching-learning environment on par with world standards. Best of luck and thanks to ePadasalai team
Registrar, IIT Madras
ePadasalai is a wonderful educational ERP to tweak the performance of educational institutes. I was indeed amazed by the way they have built the product as it can completely digitize any educational institute and increase the performance of the students and teachers. Advanced technology of ePadasalai paves the way for paperless office and saves more than 60% of the time.
Musthafa school.Principle

Premium Suite for Educational Institutes

  • ePadasalai offers end to end comprehensive solution to the educational institutions.
  • High Quality Fluid design website for School and Colleges
  • 95+ Module to digitalize the educational Institutes completely
  • No more Paper Works! Complete Data Migration from Stand alone system and manual documents to ePadasalai
  • Dedicated Data Entry for educational institutes to assist in data up-dation and data migration, also to help the organization in using ePadasalai
  • User Mela Event conducted to bring all users together to enjoy the benefit
  • Hackers Protection, Virus, Adware and Spyware protection at No additional Cost
  • Runs on all Android Smart phones, tablets, iPhones / iPods
  • ePadasalai acts as a platform in improving communication among Parents, Students, Teachers, Management, and Alumni
  • ePadasalai is bundled with internet services at no cost and Wi-Fi setup with very little cost. The school, college management can save a minimum of 20% on internet charges every month.
  • EGB’s ePadasalai offers high quality Computer, Projectors, Android tablet & security devices to help students and parents at the best rates.
  • ePadasalai System comes with 24 / 7 Student & Vehicle Tracking System. We provide 5 vehicle tracking systems per institute at No additional cost.
  • ePadasalai’s eLibrary module has more than 10,000+ online books on various categories .We are planning to increase to 1, 00,000 books.
  • By using ePadasalai, organization with 1500 students can save up to 25L rupees annually and all Parents collectively can save up to 45Lakhs Rupees
  • ePadasalai has great features and services when compared with Top 10 Educational Management Software both in India and South Asia.


  • Security : ePadasalai is highly secure, scalable and comes with great system performance
  • Continuous Up-gradation : ePadasalai enhances its feature continuously
  • Web Based : Its completely web based, can be accessed from anywhere and many time in your favorite browser
  • Multi Syllabus : It is multi user, multi institution and multi board suite package
  • Report Generation : ePadasalai can generate 600+ reports in no time
  • SMS Feature : You can send 150+ types of SMS / Text Messages in single click
  • Branding : ePadasalai has 18+ Modules for Branding
  • Communication : ePadasalai has 18+ modules for Communication
  • Soft Skill Development : 14+modules for Skill Set development
  • Tracking System : ePadasalai offers Tracking system for vehicles and if needed for Kids
  • Zero Redundancy : Centrally stored information with zero redundancy
  • Real Time Information : Entire school data can be accessed online with valid credentials along with options to view and download reports.
  • Report Generation : All reports can be downloaded and exported to multiple formats such as Microsoft Word or Excel format, PDF and many more

Important Modules

  • Admission Processing
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Attendance
  • Time Table/Class Scheduler
  • Exam Room and Teacher planner/scheduler
  • Exam Scheduler & Report Card
  • Payroll Management
  • Multi School Board/Syllabus
  • Multi school Grading/Classes
  • Hostel Management
  • Library Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Event Management
  • Multi School Management
  • Photo / Video Gallery
  • Alumni
  • School Live Chat
  • School Security System
  • Student & Vehicle tracking - GPS Tracking
  • Geo Fencing
  • Scholarship
  • Job/Campus placement
  • Student Counseling
  • News/ Media
  • School Webinar
  • And So Forth…

Our Approach

Our Approach

Educational Institute’s continued satisfaction with ePadasalai is our top Priority. We are proud of our customer support record and we aim to help you in every way we possibly can. Here are the services we offer to help you get started with ePadasalai – the most effective software resource for your institution.

Implementation Services

We provide assistance for implementing ePadasalai software in your institution as we have exclusively Implementation team to carry this service more professionally.

Migration Services

We also offer a data migration services if you have another enterprise software or student information system running in your institution. We provide dedicated data entry operator to do data migration service efficiently.

Customization Services

ePadasalai is open for customization to suit the needs and requirements of your institution. We offer customized development for you to match your needs.

User Mela

ePadasalai team conducts USER MELA to integrate all the users together and make them use the software effectively.

Continuous Maintenance

ePadasalai provides continuous monitoring and always ready to help the educational institution if they face any difficulty in using the software application.

Components of ePadasalai

  • Management - 31 Modules
  • Teachers - 32 Modules
  • Parents - 34 Modules
  • Students - 42 Modules
  • Communication - 15 Modules
  • Branding - 18 Modules
  • Day to day activities - 12 Modules
  • Skillset developments - 09 Modules
Benefits of ePadasalai "e-Padasalai" is school management ERP that offers well-structured solutions to all educational groups to maintain overall administration processes. "e-Padasalai" portal has been framed after deep market research and analysis in manual application and record maintenance to create an innovative outcome. This user-friendly web portal offers several benefits to all connected to the school network such as financial command, time and effort saving, complete automation, and lot more. Read on
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